Huge sigh of accomplishment while face planting into my palms! Let’s see where I should begin this update folks… Mmmm, I suppose the beginning is that I’m still teaching. I know, I know! I said I wanted to pull back from the lime light of the classroom and guess what?! I have! With the universe … More SMH….


Leather At Last

One of the many things I do to keep my creative juices flowing, not to mention maintain my sanity, is crochet handbags from wool. After crocheting I wet felt, which shrinks the wool, condensing it down to a thick durable fabric that becomes softer from use. I explore how different crochet stitches felt, coordinating color … More Leather At Last

New Year, New Plan

Looks as though I’ve taken some time off. 2014 was wrought with challenges both personally and professionally. So with the arrival of 2015, along with my fast approaching 35th birthday, it is time to once again review my business plan. After much googling, I found my favorite business plan template at For those of … More New Year, New Plan


Hello there. I’m Taren, Taren the teacher. In case you were wondering, that’s my dad next to me. Turns out that after eleven years of jazz hands, spirit fingers and disco balls all for the sake of the students, I’ve decided to make a career change. Its interesting to watch folks react to hearing a … More Introducing…

If You Build It…

I found out they will come. Even if in small numbers. I’d rather take a few versus none! So its fall now folks. Time for cold, dew filled mornings with frost on the windshield and scarves wrapped tightly around the neck. I’m hoping that also means folks will be searching for fun things to do … More If You Build It…

A Finished Chapter

Hi y’all, I’ve missed you so! May and June have been looooong months for me. When I arrived home from Craftification I was pumped, juiced, bursting at the seams with ideas and motivation to make a serious transition from my current teaching situation. I sent my wishful thinking out into the universe and have been … More A Finished Chapter

Craft…. Part II

Let me start by saying any time you find a conference held on the beach, SIGN UP for it! So part deu of Craftification that sparked volcanic activity in my lil ole teacher brain were workshops Making The Most Of Social Media (J.Artigue, M.Auman, R.M.Smith, T.Gardiner) and Crafting An Effective Blog (T.Swiger). Eruption numeral uno … More Craft…. Part II


Here I am, last few days of teacher spring vacation in hot ,sunny Ventura California. What a great decision this was! If the scenic detour from Google Maps on my drive down yesterday was a prelude to my overall weekend experience, bring it! For those of you unfamiliar with this event its marketed toward the … More Craftification!